We offer a selection of electric motor testers  for predictive maintenance (PdM) and condition monitoring. All testers are designed to monitor and trend the condition of AC induction, synchronous, wound rotor, and DC motors and their circuits. Among the testing capabilities are: power quality, power circuit, stator, rotor, insulation, and air gap.

The following portable electric motor  testers and related accessories are avaiable:


MCE™static (offline) electric motor testers

  • Self-contained, lightweight, and battery operated allowing for the creation of reports and trend graphs in the field.
  • Produces detailed analyses of motor and circuit condition in 3 minutes
  • Detect  electrical faults in any one of the five fault zones
  • Static motor testing


EMAXdynamic (online) electric motor testers

  • Allows for proactive predictive maintenance without requiring a shutdown of the motors for access
  • Used for process analysis with motor current signature analysis
  • Five major fault zones can be tested and monitored providing valuable insight into incoming power quality, power circuit condition, stator health, and motor efficiency


MCEMAX™combination (offline/online) electric motor  testers

  • Static and dynamic operation enables MCEMAX™ to be utilized on all applications and motors regardless of size, type, or condition.
  • Integrates testing, diagnostics, inventory control, scheduling, and cost containment.
  • Complete motor/asset management tool for present motor management needs.


MCEGold® electric motor tester software

  • User-friendly options  allowing  managers to create “watchlists” and view all motors and their conditions instantly.
  • Easy reporting with the automatic creation of easy-to-understand reports and the message center
  • enables management to access and view test data and reports in their own system.
  • Allows for straightforward communication between technicians and management.



  • Designed to increase safety and reduce connection time to the electric motor testers for online testing
  • Meets both OSHA and NFPA 70E definitions for safe voltage
  • Tag out and lock out procedures are eliminated while using electric motor testers




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