Vibration testing solutions including electro-dynamic and mechanical shakers for vibration, shock and other dynamic  testing. Wide range of system configuration for MIL-SDT, automotive, aerospace, telecom and modal testing.


Electro-dynamic shakers

  • Supplied with amplifier and cooling package (when required)
  • Output force from 10 to 88 000 lbf
  • Long stroke (up to 4 inches)
  • Slip table and head expanders available
  • Combo base for horizontal & vertical testing
  • Modal exciters


Vibration control systems

Multi-channel hardware

The controller offers a modular software that will allow the following control algorithms:

  • Tracked Sine Dwell and Time Recording during Sine and Tracked Sine Dwell Control
  • Shock control (classical pulse, measured pulse and shock response analysis)
  • Sine notching and Random Response Limiting
  • Swept sine control
  • Random control
  • Single axis waveform replication
  • Shock response synthesis
  • Combined modes
  • Mission synthesis
  • MIMO Triax Random Control
  • Test Sequencing
  • Single Axis Waveform Replication
  • Off-line Sine Reduction
  • Mechanical shakers
  • Transportation simulators
  • Free fall and pneumatic shock testing machines
  • Package testing machine




PCB Piezotronics